New Review: ‘Headlines from the Holy Land’


My most recent book, Headlines from the Holy Land, has just been reviewed in the Journal ‘Media, War and Conflict’.

‘Journalists, journalism students, and anyone else interested in how the world works will
find great value in Headlines from the Holy Land,’ wrote the reviewer, Professor Philip Seib from the University of Southern California.

I have posted the first two paragraphs below, and you can read the fuller version here .

James Rodgers begins Headlines from the Holy Land with a straightforward declaration: ‘The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is the ultimate challenge for an international correspondent’ (p. 1). He presents a solid case in support of this, relying on his own experiences covering the region and his interviews with diplomats and fellow journalists.

Rodgers spent two decades as a journalist, mostly for the BBC, reporting primarily from Moscow, Brussels, and Gaza. He now teaches journalism at City University of London and one of the many strengths of this book is Rodgers’s ability to describe the complexities of journalism. Covering Israeli–Palestinian affairs requires more than merely observing events and taking notes. News consumers desperately need context, and if journalists are to provide that, they must understand the constituent elements of the conflict: history, religion, the global political backdrop, and more.

If you have read the book, please consider writing a review on Amazon.


Graffiti and fire damage near the Qalandia checkpoint, West Bank, June 2014 ©James Rodgers



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