‘Assignment Moscow’ publication date and pre-order

Detail from the exterior of the Central Telegraph building, Moscow. Photo © James Rodgers

Detail from the exterior of the Central Telegraph building, Moscow. March 2019. Photo © James Rodgers

My next book, Assignment Moscow: Reporting on Russia from Lenin to Putin, is to be published next summer as a hardback and e-book.

The book tells the story of Russia, from the revolutions of 1917 until the present, as reported by British and American journalists. It draws on their reporting, their memoirs, their letters, and, from the 1950s onwards, on interviews with the men and women who told the story.

With relatively few outsiders having visited Russia for themselves, the book makes the case that those correspondents who have been curious enough to go have had a huge influence–for better or worse–on westerners’ impressions of Russia. Readers will learn how audiences found out about the rise of Lenin and the Bolsheviks; famine and show trials under Stalin; the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany; Khrushchev’s ‘secret speech’; tales of imprisonment and expulsion during the Cold War. The last sections of the book cover the Soviet Union’s final years, and the eras of Yeltsin and Putin which followed.

The book will be published by I.B. Tauris, part of Bloomsbury. Details of how to pre-order here.

I will post details of promotional events and talks as I have them, but in the meantime please feel free to contact me by email at reportingconflict@hotmail.com, on Twitter, or LinkedIn .